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November 15, 2020

The GOP never had any principled, policy-based objections to the ACA, never mind that it was loaded with their own ideas; Republicans’ stated objections were purely ideological in nature, where not entirely cynical and dishonest, and of course, they never came up — and, importantly, were never challenged to come up — with a better (i.e., cheaper and/or more effective) policy. Nor do they care to know how to do it, or really need to know how to do it. To put it as simply as one can, the former is what you want to accomplish, the latter is how you go about accomplishing it through legislation and administrative processes (rulemaking and enforcement), i.e., the things that government actually does. They have no interest whatsoever in insuring the uninsured or protecting consumers, and have never even expressed any interest therein; to the extent they might be interested in bringing costs down, that’s only for people who can already afford health insurance. 」になると、「 こんな本、大嫌い! 」くらいの意味合いになってしまうんです。 これ理由は、文章内のアクセントの場所が変わるから。 I don’t like this book. Despite a decisive demand for change, Trump... Sign and send the petition to your U.S. senators: Focus on COVID-19 relief immediately, not Trump’s judicial nominations. Of course, neither the HEART Act nor the Clinton proposal made it through Congress, and we had to wait another 16 years for a unified Democratic government to take another crack at crafting actual policy that would at least attempt to accomplish three important policy goals: We’re all familiar with the relentless campaign of cynicism and bad faith that the Republican party and its fans/enablers deployed against the ACA both before and after its passage and implementation, and we all know that as with every other Democratic policy that Republicans and their fans/enablers have blindly railed and wailed against since 1993 none of their dire predictions came true. Don't do that again.とは。意味や和訳。二度とそんなことをするな - 80万項目以上収録、例文・コロケーションが豊富な無料英和和英辞典。 - Direct the states to eliminate all insurance regulations and medical-malpractice laws; reimburse insurers for any state regulatory expenses, including violation fines, and medical-malpractice judgments, incurred since the ACA was passed. When Republicans blindly railed and wailed against the Democratic health-care reform effort in 1993, they at least came up with a legislative alternative: the HEART Act, or Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act of 1993. protect consumers from the more egregious abuses perpetrated by the medial insurance industry. I made a couple of attempts in 2012 to translate the GOP’s ideology on health care, viz., both stated (“free-market” health care, a luxury) and implied (keep the relevant industries profitable) policy goals, into actual legislative and administrative policy, and the results were … well, you decide: - Repeal both the [ACA] and EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1986), alleviating the requirement that ERs and EMS treat all patients regardless of insurance, payment and/or citizenship. - Eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and S-CHIP. I do not like this book. At the end of the day, the reason why Grand Nagus Drumpf hasn’t come up with the “better” and “cheaper” health-care “plan” that he’s been promising for half a decade, and that his Party has been promising for a full decade, is as obvious as it is simple: they have no idea how to do it. (This content is not subject to review by Daily Kos staff prior to publication. There’s really no need to recap all of that here. それでは、この問題を解ける人いる? Trump: Soon I'll have a health care plan that covers preexisting conditionsStephanopoulos: I interviewed you in June of last year and said your health care plan would be ready in 2 weeks. The added benefit of having only unprincipled ideological objections to the other party’s policies and no actual policy of your own, is that you never have to keep your campaign promises; you can keep promising to end abortion and come up with a “market-based,” “patient-centered” health care “plan” from now until the end of time, and your voters will keep voting for you even though you never accomplish them. 英語の教師と作家。父はイギリス人、母はアメリカ人。イギリス生まれ、13歳でアメリカへ。卒業後はワシントンDCで記者。現在東京に在住。著書に『この英語、どう違う?』(KADOKAWA)、『とりあえずは英語でなんと言う?』 (大和書房)、など。NHK基礎英語1と婦人公論の連載。, 「I Can’t Get No Satisfaction」の意味、なぜストーンズ はこんな変な英語の文法を使ったのでしょうか, 「how can I say」の意味、また「how do I say」と「how can I say」の違い. In other words, Republicans think of health care as a luxury, something that should be reserved for those (like themselves) who can afford it, not “given” to those who can’t. Steve Benen has a whole book out about how Republicans became a “post-policy” party, and I just recently wrote a diary discussing why Republicans don’t do ‘policy’ in the context of abortion, one of their ubiquitous pet ideological issues wherein even if one finds the ideology appealing (“sanctity of life” and what-not), the actual policy that could conceivably put that ideology into practice... (1) that all pregnant women and girls must remain pregnant against their will, against medical advice, regardless of the risk, under penalty of law, until the pregnancy ends naturally; and (2) that public resources (including, but not limited to, police, prosecutors, courts and prisons) [must] be devoted and deployed to enforce the foregoing requirement and to investigate, as a criminal matter, every pregnancy that does not end in a live birth. Nor do they care to know how to do it, or really need to know how to do it. Is it possible to Love Chat? bring medical and insurance costs down by. - Eliminate all liability for medical malpractice in cases involving uninsured patients and/or unpaid-for medical services. The Republican policy goal when it comes to health care is singular, simple, and straightforward: Keep the insurance, hospital, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries profitable. And that’s where the Republican party comes up short; they simply can’t translate their ideological goals and rhetoric into anything that would be workable in practice, anything that could be put on paper in the form of a statute or administrative regulation. また、「私に任せなさい」という意味でネイティブは「I can do it.」を使うネイティブもいます。, Can anyone here get that cat out of a tree? 「I can do it.」の前に、「yes」や「yeah」と言うネイティブが多くいます。 また、「私に任せなさい」という意味でネイティブは「I can do it.」を使うネイティブもいます。 Can anyone here get that cat out of a tree? ©Copyright2020 英語 with Luke.All Rights Reserved. 誰か木に登った猫を救出できる人はいないの? They don’t know how to lead...only oppose. Because Republicans don’t do ”policy.” This content was created by a Daily Kos Community member. Yeah, I can do it. What do you mean?という力強い表現と似ていて、 もう少しニュートラルで控えめな言い方に. Don’t worry. - Limit the liability of 911 operators, EMTs, hospital staff, &c. for negative medical outcomes caused by delays and errors in ascertaining insurance/payment prior to treatment. So far, I haven’t heard or read a better explication of what Republican policy on health care would actually look like if we took them at their word over the past decade as to what their ideological and policy goals for health care are.

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