We at William J. Tarras, C.P.A., P.A. have instituted the following policies and offer the following options to keep us all safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.


We at William J. Tarras, C.P.A., P.A. require that all participants in any face to face meeting wear a mask, irrespective of the location of our meeting, as per CDC recommendations.


William J. Tarras, C.P.A., P.A. offers several options for sharing documents and files, including our secure filing sharing service.  Please call us if you wish to set up your secure filing service.  This secure service allows you to upload documents and files of any size to your secure file folder from your computer.  It is similar to Dropbox or iCloud.


For those of you who are uncomfortable using technology, we are able to remotely access your computer using Teamviewer to assist you in transferring your information to us without either us leaving our offices or homes. Teamviewer requires you to download Teamviewer.  Teamviewer is free for personal use and we can only access your computer with your permission.  After our session you may remove Teamviewer from your computer.


You may also email your documents to us.  Our email server is secure.  When emailing your documents you are limited to total email attachments less than 5mbs in size.  If you wish to email your documents or files that are larger than 5mbs, you will have to separate your documents so that the total size of your attachments is less than 5mgs and send separate emails that have attachments that are less than 5mgs in size.


Using our secure file transfer portal, Teamviewer, or emailing requires that you scan and save your documents on your computer.  We prefer that you use the pdf file format to save and transfer your documents.  


If you do not have scanner, you can use your phone to scan documents.  Several apps allow you to use your phone as a scanner.  Our favorite is CamScanner.  Another is Adobe Scan.  If you choose to use your phone as a scanner, please make sure that the scanning app is set to produce files in the pdf file format.


We can also arrange a currier to retrieve your information and documents if you are not comfortable scanning and transferring your documents electronically or if the volume of your documents make scanning impractical. The cost is minimal and same day or next day service can usually be arranged.


You may also mail your documents to us using the United States Postal Service or any of the private mailing services.  We suggest that if you choose to mail us your documents you use a mailing method that tracks your mailing's progress and provides proof of delivery.  We do not recommend mailing your original documents as mailings may get misdirected or lost.


We will work with our clients to provide our services as safely and conveniently as current conditions allow.


We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation during what has become our new normal.  We are all in this together.


Please bear with us as we strive to keep us all safe.