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William J. Tarras, C.P.A., P.A.



I.R.S. Levies and Liens

I.R.S. Levies and Liens The I.R.S. has two powerful collection tools that it uses to enforce collection of delinquent tax liabilities. These are liens and levies.  Liens occur when the I.R.S. takes a security interest in your property. Most of us are familiar with liens that a mortgagor will place on our property when we […]

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I.R.S. Collection Overview

I.R.S. Collection Overview We all know that the I.R.S. has broad authority to collect delinquent taxes. However, that authority is not unlimited. In subsequent installments of Tarras on Taxes we will explore some of those limitations and some defenses you may use to combat I.R.S. collection actions. I.R.S. collection actions typically begin with a letter

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